Junior League of the Palm Beaches annual ‘Deck the Palms’ fundraiser

Elizabeth Sanford, Sarah Davis, Kristine D’Elia, Kathryn Sexton, Terri Anderson and Elena Peroulakis Grant Crawford, Reid Crawford and Cindy Crawford
Lanell Fagan and Rachel Freedman Laura Russell, Maria Marino and Shelly Albright
Steve Andreson, Marcelle Burke, Lisa Bagocius, Camryn Del Rio-Linton, Sophia Stone and Adriel Loschak Taylor Reeves, Maddon Reeves, Connor Ehrlich, Jono Ehrlich and Adriel Loschak
Mike Califano, Cindy Califano, Ana Fisher and Charles Fisher Veronica Schleicher, Marty Rogge, Matt Hagan and Dana Hagan
Sabrina Browning, Grayson Powers and Nicole Rice Kaylee Scianandre, Courtney Scianandre, Brynn Scianandre and Dennis Scianandre
Virgina Spencer and Parisa Hamzetash Melissa Delsesto, Alice Young and Carollee Holland
Xiomi Murray and Melodie van der Baan