Committee Chairs

Communications Council

Communications Chair: Stephania Conti

Graphic Design Chairs: Nic Clemence, Christine DeMichael

E-League Chairs: Christie Kelley, Sabina Ramdas

E-Blast Chairs: Erika Constantine, Jenni Shapiro

Public Relations Chair: Stefany Allongo

Social Media Lead Actives: Briana D’Andrea, Shannon Havasi

Historian Chair: Millie Eyeington

Community Council

Community Chair:  Brianna Sullivan

Public Affairs ChairsRamona Bean, Nikki Soda

DIAD Chair: Brianna Sullivan

Day of Impact Lead Actives:  Jean’ette Carrigo, Irma Rex

Eye & Ear Alert Chairs: Alexandra Hayes, Lisa Farley

Kids in the Kitchen Chairs: Adrienne Raptis, Suzanne Dean

Mentorship Chairs: Julia Downs, Emily Schachtel

Pink Palm Chair: Rebecca Lourido

Period Supply Chairs: Vaneli Bojkova, Donna Tomaszewski

Literacy & Creativity Chairs:  Stephanie Feuer, Jordan Isiminger

Fundraising Council

Fundraising VP-Elect: Allison Freeman

Deck the Palms Chairs Kirsten Davis, Wallis O’Hagan

   Day of Lead Active: Taylor Young

   Vendors Lead Active: Danica Sun

   Volunteer Lead Active: Katie Moyer

Donor Relations Chair: Lindsey Williams

Small Fundraisers ChairAshley Houlihan

Membership Council

Membership Chair: Chelsea Bellew

Sustainer Liaison Lead Active: Xiomi Murray

Transfer Liaison Lead Active: Molly Ousey

Diversity Equity & Inclusion Chair:  Takeata King Pang

Education and Training Chair:  Stacey Weinger

Engagement Advisor Chairs: Elizabeth Poeschl, Stephanie Pittington

New Member Chair: Rasheehdah Khayyam

PNM Recruitment Chair: Julia Murphy

Points Trackers Chair: Darlene Doyle

Special Events Chairs: Susan Christiansen, Rebecca Fordham


Nominating Chair: Melissa Kellner

Nominating Member: Alana McHugh

Nominating Member: Lissen Ellington

Nominating Member: Steffanie Ngo-Hatchie

Nominating Member: Kimberly Gimson


Investment/Endowment Chairs: Kate Stamm, Andrea Swanson

Fundraising Event Treasurer:  Katie Velotta