Committee Chairs

Communications Council

Communications Chair: Kristen Laraia

Design Chair: Alex Hamilton

E-League Chair: Nina Raynor

E-League Chair Elect:  Christie Kelley

E-Store Lead Active:  Sabina Ramdas

External Website Lead Active: Sherika Ralliford

Public Relations Chairs: Whitney Jester, Stephania Conti

Social Media Lead Actives: Kaylee Rappell, Rasheedah Khayyam

E-Blast Lead Actives: Alison Percy, Rachele Dozois

Community Council

Community Council Chair:  Megan Wilkinson

Public Affairs ChairsRamona Bean, Sarah Elwell

Public Affairs Lead Active:  Kate Watt

DIAD Chairs: Kat McGinley, Brianna Sullivan

Community Relations Lead:  Jean’ette Carrigo

Day of Impact Lead:  Irma Rex

Eye & Ear Alert Chairs: Alexandra Hayes

Kids in the Kitchen: Alie Cohen, Megan Wilkinson

Mentorship Chair: Julia Francoeur

Pink Palm Chair: Rebecca Lourido

Period Supply Chairs: Laura Wissa, Tiffany Jones

Period Supply Lead Active:  Vaneli Bojkova

Literacy & Creativity Chairs:  Stephanie Feuer, Victoria Meadows

eLeague & Website Liaison:  Lori Bartlett

Fundraising Council

Fundraising VP-Elect: Allison Freeman

Cotillion Chairs:

Deck the Palms Chairs Rebecca Fordham, Susan Christiansen

   Day of Lead Active: Kayla Foriere

   Communications Lead Active

   Sponsorship Lead Active:

   Vendors Lead Active: Kristen Davis

   Princess Party/Superhero Breakfast Lead: Kelly Armentano

   Volunteer Lead Active: Nikki Bansal

   DTP Event Treasurer: Natalie Rose

Donor Relations Chairs: Cecilia Hudnet, Sabra Ingeman

Fund Development Chair:  Ashley Costa

Small Fundraisers Lead Active:

Grant Writing Lead Active:  Ashley Houlihan

Golf Fundraiser Chairs: Danielle Mahoney, Felicia Matula

Event Day Lead Active: Stacey Lowell

Sponsors Lead Active:

Communications Lead Active

Volunteer Coordinator: Nikki Bansal

Event Treasurer: Natalie Rose

Membership Council

Membership Chair: Diana Serra

Sustainer Liaison Lead Active: Terry Hork, Elizabeth Weadock

Transfer Liaison Lead Active: Danika Kirvin, Molly Ousey

Arrangement Chairs: Kimberly Gimson

Education and Training Chairs:  Robyn Lawrence, Kasia Marczyk

Leadership Academy Lead Actives: Judith Selzer

Engagement Advisor Chairs: Elizabeth Evans, Kitty Anderson

Socials/Clusters Lead Active: Nicole Sydney

Member Benefit Lead Active:  Randee Strassler

Affinity Group Lead Active:  Takeata King Pang

New Member Chairs: Alexis Montalvo, Meg Fielder

PNM Recruitment Chairs: Angela Colio, Christina Medir

Points Trackers Chairs: Ann Breeden, Elizabeth Poeschl

Special Events Chairs: Virginia Oatley


Nominating Chair: Dana Ross

Nominating Member: Jo Perez DuBois

Nominating Member: Meaghan Flenner

Nominating Member: Melissa Kellner

Nominating Member: Alana McHugh


Investment/Endowment Chairs: Kate Stamm, Aileen Kozlowski