Committee Chairs

Communications Council

Communications Chair: Erika Constantine

Graphic Design Chairs: Kaela Drake

E-League Chairs: Jordan Yoder

E-Blast Chairs: Stephanie Ramirez, Jenni Shapiro

Public Relations Chair: Christina Lamport

Social Media Chair: Malorie Snitil

Historian Chair: Katie Kealy

Community Council

Community Chair: Beth Poeschl

Community Lead Actives: Courtney Tarsa, Courtney Whitaker

Public Affairs Chairs: Steffanie Ngo-Hatchie, Nadia Islam, Kathleen Joy

DIAD Chair: Rebecca Fordham

Eye & Ear Alert Chairs: Caroline Brock

Kids in the Kitchen Chairs: Lane Taylor, Kelly Giordano

Mentorship Chairs: Susan Kufdakis, Arianna McCoy, Sarah Turner

Pink Palm Chair: Jennifer Castrione

Period Supply Chairs: Courtney Lala, Susan Christiansen, Taylor Edwards

Literacy & Creativity Chairs:  Emily Bales, Josie Mullen

          Little Library Lead Active: Emily Schachtel, Kristina Williams

Development Council

Donor Relations Chair: Marquietta Davis

Grant Writing Lead Chair:  Nikki Bansal

Events Council

Fundraising Chair: Lindsey Williams

Small Fundraisers Chair

May Dinner Chair: Molly Ousey

5K Chair: Alie Cohen

Holiday Luncheon Chair: Caroline Frazier

Membership Council

Membership Chair: Lily Denish

Sustainer Chair: Xiomi Penn

Sustainer Liaison Lead Active

Transfer Chair: Megan Hallerhan, Nicole Bell

Arrangement Chair: Ann Cook, Erin Cleveland

Diversity Equity & Inclusion Chair: Stephania Conti

Education and Training Chair: Stephania Conti

Engagement Advisor Chairs: Kelly Barber, Ana Martinez

New Member Chair: Malorie Snitel

PNM Recruitment Chair: Carrie McCumber

Points Trackers Chair: Kaylee Reppel, Ann Breeden

Member Recruitment Chairs: Giuliana Sisk, Jennifer Sherm

Summer Recruitment Lead Active: Carrie McCumber

Internal Fundraisers Lead Active: Randee Strassler

Active Member Advisors: Diana Jensen,  Mary Alice McGeehan, Whitney Jester, Sasha Davis, Rachel Stockton

New Member Advisors: Molly Fulmer, Susan Leclaire-Matusza, Jenna McAdams, Sarah Kate Colangelo


Nominating Chair: Lissen Ellington

Nominating Member: Steffanie Ngo-Hatchie

Nominating Member: Kimberly Gimson

Nominating Member: KJ Dunlap

Nominating Member: Allison Harper


Investment/Endowment Chairs: Kristina Williams