1940-41: League organized with charter membership of fifteen-first project, a clothes closet, open three days a week, from which clothing was given to anyone having a welfare agency recommendation-Members active on the Board of Directors of Norton Gallery of Art. (Sadie Savitz)

1941-42: Tea Dances held at Society of Four Arts for service men in area-Active in Red Crosswork. Ushers at Palm Beach Roundtable. Sales ladies at shell crafts display at Everglades Club. Children’s Theater produced “Tom Sawyer.” (Elizabeth Helms)

1942-43: Kept books and furnished needed garments for newly opened Crippled Children’s Clinic. (Betty Shirk)

1943-44: Volunteers worked in Baby Clinic at Palm Beach County Health Department. (Eleanor Lilienthal)

1944-45: League member served as President of Crippled Children’s Society-Continued war work in area.(Elizabeth Derrick)

1945-46: Established Southridge Nursery. Sent representative to Marriage Counseling Service. Christmas baskets to needy.Largest contributing organization to Clothing for Liberated Europe drive. Established Howard Park Recreational Center& financed dancing classes held there. (Eleanor Lagori)

1946-47: Worked for War Memorial Auditorium-Began work with Welfare Planning Council and Civic Music Association-Collected material for National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis-gave first Girl Scout Campership. (Janet Wallace)

1947-48: Continuous sponsorship of Children’s plays at Norton Gallery of Art. Helped finance High School Glee Club Uniforms. Began support of Visiting Nurses Assn. Helped initiate Cerebral Palsy Clinics. (Janet Wallace)

1948-49: Placements included Welfare Planning Council, Crippled Children’s Society, Thrift, Inc., Civic Music and Girl Scouts-Sponsored Fifth Annual Horse Show-Opened our savings account-Cerebral Palsy Clinics held-Started annual Christmas parties for patients at the Clinic. (Josephine Smith)

1949-50: First issue of Cross Currents as a printed form. (Jennie Birdsall)