1980-81: Women’s Horizons has its second successful year – Arts and Minds completes first year with Jo Kowalchuk, Curriculum Specialist – School Board presents League with award for community service – “Kaleidoscope” is presented by League to community with 3,102 participating children – Crisis Nursery opens – Eye and Ear Alert screens 1,937 children – Public Relations brochure updated -VCD and AMP trainers teach 320 participants – Delegates sent to six conferences – Marilyn Benveniste leads one day in-League workshop on public speaking – Adopted position statement on public education -Supported SPAC position on permanency for children – Cross Currents prints 9 issues – 39 new Provisionals welcomed to membership – Combined Admissions-Provisional Committee proven effective – Palm Beach Entertains has profit of $10,470.20 – Second cookbook proposed to begin in Fall – Cotillion attended by 190 students with profit of $2,000 – Thrift Shop nets $48,000 Henderson account closed and money transferred to CTF. (Mary Anthony)

1981-82: Ad Hoc Admissions presented the Optional Informed Candidate Admissions System, which we voted in – Joint Admissions-Provisional Committee has second successful year with 32 new Provisionals – Advisory Planning made necessary changes in Bylaws and Policies – Advocacy/Public Affairs passed sales tax resolution and a Drug Abuse Position Statement – Governor’s Award to Arts and Minds – Environmental Arts Essay Contest with Gumbo Limbo -Project Development introduces G.A.T.E. South – New cookbook, Heart of the Palms, to be published in September – Cookbook brochures to 3500 prospective accounts -Cotillion had banner year teaching over 200 students with a profit of $2,500 – Crisis Nursery reorganized The Children’s Place – Marilyn Benveniste directed a Drug Abuse Education Workshop – Education Committee coordinated Volunteer Leadership Workshop – 14th year for Eye and Ear Alert saw new equipment from grant from Kiwanis Club – An updated library thanks to Grantsmanship – Cross Currents continues to inform – 21 members sent to 10 conferences, seminars and workshops -Flexible Time Placement introduced – 199 members placed – New logo created -Publications earned $10,000 – Thrift Shop profits over $52,000 – 200 members rotated, 1,200 volunteer hours – Women’s Horizons completed 3rd year providing information to 1800 women and teaching 34 courses. (Montyne Winokur)

1982-83: Hosted Drug Awareness Day in September to kickoff G.A.T.E. South project – presented drug prevention information to over 1,000 students and adults – 15th year for Eye and Ear Alert with 3,000 students screened – Women’s Horizons concluded 4th year with 125 women receiving counseling, 500 attending courses and workshops, and 2,000 utilizing referral services – Designer Dazzle initiated as a fundraiser which brought in over $3,000 for Women’s Horizons – Sponsored a Volunteer Leadership Workshop and a Volunteer Day in conjunction with DOVS – conducted community assessment through a survey mailed to 145 area leaders – Arts & Minds project continued to promote Arts in the public schools – Thrift Shop changed name to Junior League Thrift Boutique and relocated to more secure and pleasant surroundings; profits of approximately $36,000 – new location for our League headquarters found on Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard – hosted Area III Presidents’ Conference in October- League brochure rewritten to be more effective as an information tool – Time Management Workshop presented to community leaders and League members – eight projects presented and approved; a record $101,000 allocated to finance them – $14,000 given for new amphitheater at Gumbo Limbo Nature Center -participated in both the Florida Sea Grant for Marine Education and the Gifted Program at Pine Jog – embarked on a national marketing campaign for new cookbook, Heart of the Palms, and netted $32,999 in first seven months – obtained grant support for the Conservatory of the Arts for the Physically and Mentally Handicapped and for the G.A.T.E. project. (Ann Talley)

1983-84: New exhibit at Science Museum, The South Florida Aquarium, funded by $20,000, opened to the public November 26 -Sponsored the Bufferin Celebrity Tennis Tournament with Bristol Meyers Products at the PGA Sheraton – Publications assisted Southern Living with Cooking School at West Palm Beach Auditorium national marketing of Palm Beach Entertains and Heart of the Palms increases – G.A.T.E. South helps establish Community Task Force through participation in CHEMICAL PEOPLE – Thrift Boutique begins second year at new location with each member doing two shift rotations; over $50,000 profit for the year – Eye and Ear Alert continued screening two days a week at Memorial Presbyterian Church -Women’s Horizons, located at YWCA, began fifth year offering a variety of courses and individual counseling to women of all ages -Gumbo Limbo Nature Center officially dedicated – Participated in Fourth Annual Victim’s Rights Week with announcement of two new projects: Crime Task Force and Seniors vs. Crime – Fact Sheet was printed as a new PR tool – Annual May Cross Currents mailed to over 200 community agencies – Advocacy/Public Affairs hosted luncheon for area legislators informing them of our community projects and position statements – “Bottle Bill” legislation urged through coalition with Citizens Against Throwaways – Volunteer Center of Palm Beach County, Inc. becomes reality with $25,000 Challenge Grant; grand opening May 17, 1984. (Leni Bane)

1984-85: Crime Task Force held Third Annual Awards Luncheon during Victim’s Rights Week – developed a series of ten topics on victim issues which were donated to Crisis Line Information & Referral Services, Inc. – Seniors vs. Crime developed a brochure to provide public with concrete information about these rights – Eye and Ear Alert completed their 17th year of free screening – G.A.T. E. South completed third year and taught approximately 2150 people about drugs – The Volunteer Center of Palm Beach County opened and matched the League’s Challenge Grant of $25,000 – 451 women participated at Women’s Horizons; began opening evenings with a grant from Bethesda-by-the-Sea; a new brochure was designed and long-range planning committee formed – Publications had a profit of $10,768.30 from the cookbooks – Thrift Boutique redecorated and reorganized and made placement more flexible – Ways and Means elected to hold a Festival of Trees – New mini-projects were implemented for Provisionals – Advocacy continued to work on the “Bottle Bill” and Wilderness Island Coalition – A workshop was held in May by the Education Committee; formed coalitions and collaborations within the community – the new computer was implemented with the addition of the General Funding Budget. (Carol Milling)

1985-86: Council System adopted – 2 Provisional classes invited into membership – Age of Provisionals raised from 35 to 39 – 1st Festival of Trees held; voted to make it an annual event – Growth management conference, “Challenge to Change,” held – New position statement on prenatal care enacted in conjunction with new Healthy Mother, Healthy Babies Coalition – State award received for involvement in problem of adolescent pregnancies- League received J.C. Penney Golden Rule Award for Seniors vs. Crime program – Eye and Ear Alert initiated mobile unit for onsite screenings – G.A.T.E. South proposed a coalition with Palm Beach School Board and Mendez Foundation to implement 5th grade drug prevention program – Heart of the Palms cookbook featured as a promotional aid at Boynton Beach Mall – Trial run of news sheet, Undercurrents, was a success and will begin monthly printing in-house in the Fall -Women’s Horizons provided service to 750 women – Future Planning Committee was formed – League adopted Parents, It’s Time to Talk and Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies as new projects to begin in the Fall of 1986. (Bonnie Weaver)

1986-87: Community Council created, eight men and women invited to the new Community Advisory Board – 57 Provisional members completed their course – 2nd Festival of Trees held successfully; extended to ten days; voted to hold a Festival in 1987-88. Admissions Committee changed to Membership Development Committee – New size and format, with color, for Cross Currents; now printed four times a year and supplemental to Undercurrents -Women’s Horizons moved twice, finally to League Headquarters; provided 619 hours of counseling on a sliding fee scale – Eye & Ear Alert completed its 19th year and its second in coalition with Memorial Presbyterian Church – Thrift Boutique remodeled and refurbished; brought in $44,000 profit – Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies launched Phase I of the Adolescent Pregnancy Child Watch -G.A.T.E. South provided 18 weeks of “Me-ology” to 2900 5th graders in collaboration with the School Board and the C. E. Mendez Foundation – Community Research/Project Development distributed $10,000 from the Community Assistance Fund to 19 applying agencies and four $2,500 grants to community agencies in recognition of the League’s 25th Anniversary – Past Presidents of the League were honored at the February general meeting, with 26 of 41 in attendance, in celebration of the League’s 25th Anniversary of the acceptance of the Junior League of the Palm Beaches as the 200th member of the Association of Junior Leagues. (Lynne Butler)

1987-88: Sixty Provisionals complete first half of course – Third Festival of Trees held successfully with profit of $98,000; voted not to continue in 1988-89 – Cross Currents now printed 3 times per year and supplemental to Undercurrents’ ten issues – Women’s Horizons provided over 1400 hours of counseling on a sliding fee scale and started the Woman to Woman Program concerned with women and alcohol – Eye & Ear Alert completed its 20th year and its third year in coalition with Memorial Presbyterian Church and screened about 2000 pre-schoolers for serious visual, hearing, and (added this year) speech problems – Thrift Boutique implemented advice from a consultant (obtained in the fall) and streamlined sales with efficiency and profits of $51,000 – Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies completed Phase II of A.P.C.W. with the final report ready for release in September 1988 – G.A.T.E., in collaboration with the School Board, completed its second and final year with C.E. Mendez Foundation which trained 38 people this fall in elementary schools in Palm Beach County, assuring a drug resource person in each elementary school – Community Research distributed $10,000 from the Community Assistance Fund to nine applying agencies – Growth Management Conference, “Challenge to Change,” held in April – Focus areas narrowed to four (elderly, education, child welfare, and drug/alcohol abuse) – Ways & Means Committee formed and chaired by the Treasurer – 2 new fundraisers approved for 1988-89 (Holiday Fest and Gala) and Paper Products will be added to Publications to increase profits – “Parents, It’s Time to Talk” hosted a national workshop in the fall – Public Relations gave 7 plaques and 250 certificates of appreciation to businesses and individuals who supported the League this year – participated in “No Dope Sold Today” and Christmas Wrap-a-Thon with T.J. Tucker’s Tamarind Avenue group of concerned citizens – Publications continued to market our two cookbooks with profits of $8,000 – approximately 150 members attended local, state, or national workshops/conferences -Seniors vs. Crime was dropped as an on-going project – Council System narrowed to three Councils (Community, Finance, and Membership) – Past President sent to Annual Conference as a voting delegate. (Judy Barner)

1988-89: Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies completed 2-year project of the Adolescent Pregnancy Child Watch Report and held a press conference to release findings – Eye and Ear Alert screened 1157 children, with 183 being referred to physicians – Women’s Horizons completed its ninth year offering counseling, classes, a lending library and a referral service – New projects included Special Olympics Crisis Line and Adult Literacy – Board members and Special Committee Chairmen met together for a leadership training workshop with trainers from the Orlando Junior League – Seven delegates went to conferences and workshops – Interior Decorating Seminar was offered to the entire membership – Workshop on “Group Roles and Group Dynamics” was presented for the 1989 Provisional class of 49 women – Advocacy/Public Affairs Committee hosted the annual SPAC conference at the Breakers in September; co-sponsored the fourth annual “Challenge to Change” conference with FAU and Pine Jog Environmental Education Center – CAF Committee approved four grants totaling $2,000; voted to delete the CAF and turn over funds to the Finance Council budget – Cotillion provided fun and training to 103 children with 6 dances and a workshop on social etiquette -Membership lists were entered into the computer at Headquarters -Headquarters Search Committee worked on locating an historic structure for use as our permanent League headquarters – Thrift Boutique and Publications continued to provide the profits needed to sustain our daily operations – Paper Capers was introduced as part of Publications to sell personalized stationery items and other paper products – A Festival of Trees was held in conjunction with the City of West Palm Beach’s Holiday Fest – A Gala was held in the spring, with Joan Rivers as the headline entertainer -An opening day fundraiser with Macy’s Department Store was a great success. (Kathy Ward)

1989-90: The Woman to Woman Committee of Women’s Horizons held a press conference to educate the community on women’s special needs and treatment issues related to alcohol abuse – Tipper Gore (Mrs. Albert Gore) addressed the membership and community luncheon – Women’s Horizons was highlighted in the AJLI national magazine – In its first year, Teen Pregnancy was chosen as a model program for the AJLI Annual Conference – Our Children’s Place Chairman was selected to meet with First Lady Barbara Bush during her West Palm Beach visit to highlight the Junior League’s early childhood education program – The League was also well represented and involved in several other major community projects and coalitions, such as the formation of the Palm Beach County Literacy Coalition, designing the Health and Human Services Planning forum, and co-sponsoring the district-wide (5 county) volunteer recognition/awards breakfast for senior citizens – First JLPB annual report was approved and designed – Community Research Committee researched and developed two new community projects: the Child Development Center Task Force, which will begin to study the feasibility of a childcare center for the children of substance abusing women undergoing treatment, and Pediatric Pals, a program of support for pediatric patients and their families at Good Samaritan Hospital – Provisional Committee trained and welcomed 48 women into Active membership – Provisional course length shortened to run from January to May – The Burdine’s Gala included food, shopping and fashion show, raising over $33,000 – a special sale of Carlisle clothing raised over $3,000 for the Women’s Horizon project – Thrift Boutique netted over $48,000 – Cotillion enhanced the social skills of 95 children in grades 6 through 8 – Special Events Committee organized a “Back to the Malt Shop” 50′s party in the fall and a beautiful annual dinner meeting at Admiral’s Cove. (Nancy Sayler)