1970-71: Dedication held for addition which doubled facilities of Science Museum and Planetarium, including Junior League Auditorium – Eye and Ear Alert added 3rd day of screening – 1670 students viewed A Solo Theater’s workshop production, one public performance – Thrift Shop Tea expressed thanks to community contributors – Cotillion reorganized – revision of Board Manuals begun – Regional Director’s visit in February – Puppets revived “The Magic Boxes” – “annex” acquired for Thrift Shop storage – Ad Hoc Drug Education Committee formed – Free concert for children given with Symphonette as co-sponsors – 25 members attended 10 conferences and workshops – Official League Representatives serving on 12 community boards – Proudly welcomed our own Jane Foster as Director of Region V and Jane Smith as member of RNC. (Jane Smith)

1971-72: Bylaws, Standing Rules, and Policies revised-Community research Committee functioned as a project-finding committee- Workshop on the problems of the aging adopted as a project- A Solo productions increased by an additional student workshop, teachers’ workshop, and evening performance Sponsored two days of A Solo’s Children’s theatre-Drug Film Project begun-exceptional Child Swim and Adaptive P.E. Program expanded-Migrant Swim Project started-Eye and ear Alert screened four days a week-eye and ear Alert contracted with Crippled Children’s Society terminated by mutual consent and plans inlaid to screen entirely at Holy trinity Church-tenth Anniversary as member of AJL observed- rent-A-Picture project given to West palm Beach Public Library-Thrift from A to Z Annex opened – Thrift Shop contributed over $3,500 to C.T.F. -League approved hiring a secretary – Association acquired a new name and purpose – Board Manuals and Guidelines revised. (Nancy Raymond)

1972-73: Consultation with AJL Coordinator of League Services concerning Financial Forecasting – Grantsmanship placement created – Adopted as a project for one year: Exceptional Child and Migrant Swim and Adaptive P.E., Volunteers Upholding Education (VUE), Drug Film Project (to extend one year) – Project 60 Workshop led to adoption of Referral Center Project (CHEER) for two years – Eye and Ear Alert screened in Glades, initiated turnover plans – A Solo Children’s Theater-in-the-Round presented one week plus two public performances – Thrift Shop opened in July, printed new brochure, annex refurbished by Provisionals – Headquarters lease renewed for fifteen years – Office equipped for part-time secretary – Initiated: Hand Puppets, Historical Tapes Program, Cookbook Library, drawing of Headquarters expansion plans, plans for community brochure -Placement facility directors honored at Spring meeting luncheon -Program plans sent to AJL and National Center for Voluntary Action Clearinghouse – Pride in Jane Foster, Director-at-Large, Area III and Association Nominating Chairman, and Jane Smith, Area III Council member. Jean Bonifazi)

1973-74: Received $350,000 grant from the A. D. Henderson Foundation – Adopted a major project in Learning Disabilities -Also adopted 3 other projects with the money: An Historical Record of Palm Beach County, continuation of the Exceptional Child Swim and Adaptive Physical Education Program, and the development of an exhibit at the Science Museum and Planetarium – Management Consultant, Del R. Poling came for Fall Board Orientation – Turned over Eye and Ear Alert Project to The Florida Society for the Prevention of Blindness – Project CHEER (Center for the Habilitation and Education to the Elderly and Retired) opened its doors in November after receiving $100,000 from Title III funds – Sponsored Grantsmanship Seminar in May which included 20 League and community participants – Thrift Shop signed lease to move to new quarters on 24th Street, West Palm Beach – Committee began researching idea for a League Cookbook – Drug Film turned over to Palm Beach County School System – 23 delegates attended meetings and conferences- 5 other foundations donated to the CTF for a total of $2,700 – Quorum reduced to 1/3 – Incoming President called President-Elect,new office of Vice President created.(Astrid Peacock)

1974-75: Participated in “Genesis Midtown” to identify solutions to “downtown” West Palm Beach – Apeared before Palm Beach County Commission in effort to continue Federal funding for CHEER (Center for the Habilitation and Education of the Elderly and Retired) – Funds were transferred to Senior Citizens Planning Council and CHEER was discontinued – Took public affairs stand against Council becoming a direct agency by ordinance – Thrift Shop and pricing room moved to new location on 24th Street, remodeled and tastefully decorated -Provisional course given for college credit through Florida Atlantic University – Held four day leadership-management seminar with AJL consultant Ren Fortier – Worked with “future planning” concepts -Hosted successful SPAC (State Public Affairs Conference), “Florida’s Newcomers; Is the Welcome Mat Still Out?” with the public invited -Held public A Solo performance in Royal Poinciana Playhouse -Sponsored two weeks of A Solo Children’s Theater in schools and two public performances – Took public affairs stand before Palm Beach County School Board (budget review) to support continuation of tours to Science Museum; item not cut from budget – Were successfully investigated by IRS, Federal tax exempt status continued – Approved project proposals for cookbook publication, Historical Records film, Science Museum promotion, A solo performances (one year), Arts pilot (one year) and Learning Disabilities school program (two years) -Signed contracts with Community Television for Historical Records, Palm Beach County School Board for Learning Disabilities, Norton Gallery and School of Art for Arts, and YWCA for Exceptional Child Swim and PE -Made plans to turn over Marionettes to Norton Auxiliary – Turned over Hand Puppets to Junior Women’s Club -Norton Guides to Norton Auxiliary and Rhythm Therapy to Royal Palm School – Agenda order changed for regular and board meetings to accommodate business first – Public Relations Committee changed to community emphasis, published brochure – New Arrangements Committee created for meeting preparations and Headquarters – New Special Events Committee created for Ball and other party -Community Research conducted community surveys – Sustainers appointed an “advisor” to the Board – Incorporated “Ebb Tide” into Cross Currents – President-Elect worked with administrative committees – Vice President worked with community committees and placements – Recording Secretary prepared agendas – Corresponding Secretary did “in-League” public relations – Executive Committee met to take load from Board – Sent delegates to ten conferences – Met quarterly with Doug Henderson concerning Henderson funded projects – Carefully invested Henderson and CTF monies. (Sarah Jean Mettler)

1975-76: AMP was taught to Board of Directors, Provisionals and other interested League members. A cookbook contract with Coward, McCann and Geoghegan was executed in August; publication of our book entitled Palm Beach Entertains -Then and Now is due in the Fall 1976. The production of our Historical records film , From these Roots ( A History of the Palm Beaches from 1880-1928)was completed. The film was funded by the grant we received from A.D. Henderson Foundation. Since January 3rd, television studios have aired it on prime time and the film had been shown by the League to hundreds of school children and civic groups. The Junior League A.D. Henderson Learning Disabilities Project sample By Laws-New project in Juvenile Justice was studied and a project called Alternate to Suspension Classroom will begin in the fall of 1977 funded by the A.D. Henderson grant-other new projects were Media Involvement, Education for Women, and Children’s Theater- Florida Leagues supported the Center for Children and Youth with “match money” for an LEAA grant -some admissions policies were changed as a result of the Admissions Ad Hoc Committee recommendations-A sponsor’s manual was written-Our cookbook Palm Beach Entertains -Then and Now was published in December and the first printing of 10,000 books was sold out and a second printing was complete in May-A Xerox copier was rented for office use-May luncheon welcomed 26 new actives and 10 new Sustainers. (Paula Criser)

1977-78: Education for Women researched the new Center for Women project, held successful “Seminars for Women” at Palm Beach Atlantic College- Learning disabilities project continues, two language disorders classrooms established, 7 teacher workshops held, 5 model classrooms had 100 visitors, EDA helped 100 children- Alternate to Suspension volunteers worked with 60 students at Howell Watkins- League receives School Board Award for Community Service- Mizner film researched, written and filmed with Channel 5- Science Museum exhibit “Journey through the Heavens” opened at a reception attended by 400, exhibit valued at $30,000- number of Boards with league representation doubled- Cross Currents completely underwritten by ads- 22 members go to conferences- Thrift Shop nets $18,000 – Decorator Showhouse, Center for Women, Children’s Theatre, and Conservatory of Arts for the handicapped adopted as new projects- First Maurice Moore-Betty Cooking seminar- Cookbook total profit to date $17,500 – Sustainers establish enrichment Committee- Nighttime and daytime membership meetings draw equal attendance- The Ball and Summer party were sold out. (Joan Tucker)

1978-79: The entire executive Committee shared Liaison assignments-Del Poling led a day long seminar for the Board, volunteer chairmen and community board representatives – Placement Committee received full placement in expanded roles, advisors visited all placements, interviewed many agencies throughout the county and added 10 new placement opportunities, printed placement bulletin sent to all Sustainers-AMP, VCD grantsmanship services were offered to all committees, selected committee organizations, special interest groups were provided to select groups, skills workshops held-2-day Career Life Planning with Alene Moris, open to the community, was well received – Education and straw ballot on ERA question – VCD courses taught in-League and to class at Cardinal Newman High School; 2 Sustainers have become trainers – Grantsmanship efforts resulted in funding for Conservatory of Arts, etc. and $10,000 in unrestricted funds from the Charles E. Merrill Trust for the League’s use – 23 attended conferences, 3-year program for Actives developed by Nominating – Adoption of an Admissions/Provisional combined committee for a 2-year trial, 28 Provisionals welcomed – Adoption of a Position Statement regarding children – Many advocacy and public affairs related programs offered and information published -Participation of Florida House Advisory Committee on Education – Last year of Henderson funded L. D. Projects- Alternative Education Program to be continued by School Board, model package will be available in the fall – Adoption of Decorator Show House as a short term money maker- Women’s Horizons a reality with cooperation of YWCA and PBJC – “Addison Mizner the Showman, Palm Beach His Showcase” aired over Channel 5 and available for public use -Cookbook self-published, 3rd printing, new jackets, new cover, 2,754 books sold this year with a profit of $11,200 and a cumulative profit of $28,575; Second Maurice Moore-Betty cooking seminar – 89% participated in OSA questionnaire – Day and night meetings has identical attendance – saddened at sudden passing of Jean Flagler Matthews – Thrift Shop has biggest year ever with $27,088 profit; increased committee size, hired new manager, adopted placement rotation for all members – Big increase in publicity – new format for Yearbook including pictures – Provisional course condensed and 20 welcomed into membership -Cross Currents increased number of pages, is read by 89% membership and saved by 60% – Sustainers very active; enrichment committee provided many trips, luncheon/lecture series established – 3M copier and air conditioner purchased for office. Lynda Johnston)

1979-80: Women’s Horizons is opened – League resumed administration and sponsorship of Eye and Ear Alert, impedance audiometer purchased – Conservatory of Art for the Physically and Mentally Handicapped in third year given League volunteers and financial support – Advocacy/Public Affairs adopts position statements on the Arts and Child Welfare – Child Advocacy Chairman proposed Crisis Nursery – Arts Chairman researched and studied Arts Program in P. B. County Schools – League proposed funding of half Arts Program Director’s salary – Community Research/Project Finding established new guidelines and had precedent projects in areas of Child Welfare, Arts and Public Education; $79,000 voted in April for community projects in 1980-81 – 20 members to conferences – VCD and AMP taught to Provisionals and through Women’s Horizons -New trial Admissions/Provisional Committee – Received 24 Provisionals into membership – Cross Currents staff prints 9 issues at profit – New Public Relations brochure published – General story in Palm Beach Life -168 students attend Cotillion classes with profit of $1,900 – $20,653 profit for cookbook – Thrift Shop nets $42,360 using membership rotation and addition of Pick of the Patch – Designers’ Show House net profit of $84,000 using Vanderbilt mansion in Manalapan. (Nancy Murray)