1960-61: First wing of Junior Museum completed January, 1961-Director hired for Junior Museum-First appearance of League puppets on their own stage-Charity Ball held in Flagler Memorial Museum Ballroom-second “Fete du Soleil” held in Royal Poinciana Playhouse-League members held placements throughout the summer at Junior Museum. (Mary Elizabeth Bailey)

1961-62: Junior Welfare League accepted as a member of the Association of Junior Leagues of America, Inc.-Junior Museum dedicated and opened-six new placements offered-Puppetry Committee presented premier performance of their first production. (Frances Sewell)

1962-63: Our League attended Presidents’ Council and Regional Meeting for first time-Advisory Planning Committee formed-Straw Ballot showed desire to lower age admission to 32-Funds voted to start Rent-A-Picture Project-Special committee appointed to study possibility of Debutante Presentation Ball. (Elizabeth Taylor)

1963-64: Two visits from AJLA VIP’s, Regional Director and Financial Consultant-Rent-A-Picture project started-Arts Committee formed-Volunteer Bureau beginnings underway-Changed fiscal year to June 1 to May 31-Diminishing pledge to Museum adopted-Museum name changed to Science Museum and Planetarium-Planetarium building underway. (Jo Turk)

1964-65: Volunteer Bureau opened-Duplicate Bridge Project terminated-Community Profile Bus Tour-Dedication of Planetarium-Puppetry Committee presented new play “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”-Acceptable Internal Revenue Service examination. (Patricia Delton)

1965-66: Celebrated twenty-five years of service to the community -As a part of one of the three chosen Regions, we participated in the AJLA “Experimental Year” – Had our first member elected to the Regional Nominating Committee – Theme Readers Project initiated -Science Museum and Planetarium received first financial and professional assistance from the Palm Beach County School Board -Sustainers held the first Tea for College Age Daughters- Helped sponsor an organizational dinner for the Palm Beach County Health and Welfare Planning Council. (Mary Elizabeth Watts)

1966-67: Community research Committee Established – Night Meeting and panel on Oceanography for members and guests -Puppets moved to the Public Library and produced “Cinderella” – Hundreds of children visited the Norton Gallery and Science Museum and Planetarium in School coordinated program – Continued support of the Health and Welfare Planning Council with payment of a pledge for a temporary director’s salary – raised age for admission to 33 – Signed lease for Headquarters at the Henry Morrison Flagler Museum. (Nancy Maass)

1967-68: After a year’s study our new project was selected, A Pre-School Hearing and Sight testing Program and Pre-School Hearing Class- remodeled and redecorated room in the Flagler Museum for our League Headquarters-Moved rent-a-Picture to the WPB Public Library-Instigated plans for the renovation of the Thrift Shop- Puppet Show “Cinderella” taped by the Instructional TV-TV program on dance therapy for the blind students. Pat Rowe)

1968-69: Final payment made on pledge to operating expenses of Science Museum and Planetarium-League representation decreased on the Science Museum Board of Trustees-Pledged to equip and furnish lecture room in proposed new wing of Science Museum- Eye and ear Alert Project started, over 500 children tested- Regional Director’s visit in October-Puppeteers produced “Rumplestiltskin” – remodeled Thrift Shop and improved pricing room – Sustainers held Thrift Week- Assisted Norton Gallery of Art in forming Guild. (Mary Willson)

1969-70: Payment made on furnishing and equipping lecture room at Science Museum- Free concert for children given with symphonette as co-sponsor-A solo theatre workshop given to 835 students-Financial Advisory Committee formed- Norton Gallery of Art Open House- Norton Gallery Auxiliary formed-Eye and Ear Alert tested over 1,00 children- tested in the Glades for the first time- Headquarters air conditioned-turnover of Volunteer Bureau of Community Services Council. (Jane Foster)