Santa Grams

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Whether you’re able to attend this year’s Deck the Palms Boutique Market or not, spread holiday cheer with a Santa Gram! For $10 per gram, send a thoughtful or funny message from Santa to your children, friends or family.

All Santa Grams must be purchased by Saturday, December 5.

Your Santa Gram will include a video recording of Santa sharing your personalized message from a holiday setting and will be sent to you no later than Wednesday December 9, 2020.

Maximum Message Length: 30 seconds

Sample Message 1: “Hello ____, I’ve heard that you’ve been a naughty boy/girl this year and you’re about to be removed from the Nice List! Make sure to listen to your parents and behave! I hope to visit your house on Christmas Eve and bring you lots of presents! HoHoHo!”

Sample Message 2: “Hello _____, I received your letter last week and it was a pretty long one. You have been a very good boy/girl this the year, studied hard, obeyed your parents and did not get into any fights with your sister/brother. I am very impressed with your behavior! I’ve taken a look at the list of the presents you want this Christmas and will be visiting you on Christmas Eve! In the meantime, continue with your good behavior. See you soon!”

Santa may add in “HoHoHo’s” “Merry Christmas” and other ‘Santa’isms at his discretion.

Please answer the questions below in the Comments section when purchasing your Santa Gram so that Santa can personalize the message.

  • Name of recipient
  • Phonetic pronunciation
  • 1 thing they want for Christmas or 1 favorite item
  • Do you prefer to receive your video message via text or email?
  • Leave your preferred contact method